Tuesday, November 3, 2009

How I Lost a Facebook Friend Because I Won't Go to His House

Southern Gentleman--the first guy I went out with from eHarmony--deleted me as a friend on Facebook yesterday, after I said I wasn't comfortable coming to his house to watch movies because we've only been out on one date.

I guess he wasn't such a gentleman after all.

Now, y'all know how I hate it when guys just want to lay up in the house. Still, I tried to soften the blow. He texted me earlier yesterday saying he'd like to see me again. I said, "That sounds good. What do you have in mind?"

A couple of hours later, he replied to say he was thinking we could have drinks but that he also wanted me to come to his house to watch movies--if I was comfortable with that.

Well, I am not comfortable with going to a guy's house who I (A) met on the Internet, (B) have only known a week (and I say that loosely since I didn't meet him in person until this weekend), and (C) have only gone on one date with, and that was just this past weekend.

So I replied to his message with the following: "That's sweet. I would be more comfortable if we went out again first. I'm not afraid of you or anything. It's just a comfort thing for me."

Notice that I did NOT say, "Look fool, I don't know you like that, and I sure ain't coming to your house!" But you can bet that's kinda what I was thinking.

So imagine my surprise when I noticed a short while later that we were no longer Facebook friends. (Background: Southern Gentleman sent me a request to become Facebook friends last week as the next step after we communicated via eHarmony.) He also hadn't responded to my text message. After an hour passed, I was so shocked that this dude had actually deleted me because of this that I decided to call him to see if he'd fess up.

I ended up getting his voicemail, so I left a nice message, saying that I hoped I hadn't offended him in some way that caused him to delete me as a friend. Now, let me be clear: My feelings were not hurt. I just wanted to see if he'd own up to deleting me because I don't want to lay up in his house. A short time letter, I got a text from him. (Side note: I *hate* it when guys respond to a phone call with a text message. Whack.) His text said: "I'm not offended. I deleted you by mistake. My bad. Sure we can meet out again before you come over." 

I deleted you by mistake? Does that actually happen? As one friend pointed out, it takes quite a bit of effort to delete a friend on Facebook.

TALK BACK: Would you buy it if someone told you that he/she deleted you as a Facebook friend by mistake?


  1. You cannot delete someone by mistake on Facebook. It asks you if you are sure when you click on their picture to delete. To delte someone is always done on purpose in my opinion. Southern Gentleman needs to kick rocks.

  2. That's what I'm thinking, Tai! Thanks for the comment.

  3. Oy vey, he's soooooo lying. Try deleting one of your posts and you'll see that its warnings are comparable to that of FB. I hate him, LOL.

    P.S. FabFem, I turned my girl Tai onto your site. We equally love it!

    P.P.S. I'm tcoolman on twitter.

  4. @tcoolman - Hey girl! Thanks for telling more people about the blog. And yes, I think he's lying too, but he's still texting me. Go figure.

  5. he is a complete and utter @ss clown.. no parts spared with him. You are better than me, because I would have responded with, "Look fool, I don't know you like that, and I sure ain't coming to your house!" plus a few well deserved expletives! lol

  6. Lmao...he didn't delete you by mistake...he was sending a message. I had a women delete me as a friend on facebook after she turned me down for a date and when I said I was going to go to plan B...she deleted me as a friend. I'm like...look woman...I'm not going to sit the house and sulk because you didn't want to go out with me. Sheeeeeeeet!