Monday, November 9, 2009

How I Gave In to Public Displays of Affection

I usually hate public displays of affection. I don't like to see other people kissing or being overly affectionate in public. And I used to hate it when guys were overly affectionate with me in public.

Notice I said, used to. That changed this weekend when I saw Prince Charming--a guy who I met in early October--for the first time since we initially met. We talked on the phone regularly for a while but never managed to make a date happen. For the last week or so leading up to this past weekend, I hadn't spoken to him at all.

On Saturday morning, Prince Charming texted me to tell me that he was planning to go to a party that night, and it just so happened that I'd already planned to attend the same party with friends. When my friend and I walked into the party, we saw Prince Charming and his friend almost immediately. We sat with them, drank, laughed, danced and just generally had a great time.

And then Prince Charming kissed me. And I swear, for a moment, I forgot where I was--at a crowded party, in a room full of people, sitting right next to our friends. So when he kissed me a few more times, I made no attempt to stop him. Maybe it was the alcohol, or maybe it's just that I think Prince Charming is sexy as hell.

That got me to thinking. Do we have different rules for different men? When I told my cousin about what happened on Saturday, she said, "It takes the right person to bring the freak out in anyone."

And maybe she's right. Perhaps, at age 29, I just hadn't met someone who made me want to be affectionate in public.

Or, maybe it was the alcohol after all.

Or maybe not. Even when I was totally sober the next day, I didn't feel bad at all. And I'd do it again.

TALK BACK: How do you feel about public displays of affection?


  1. I think PDA personally is unattractive. However there have been two occasions that I know of where I have "tongued" a man down on a public street. One was my birthday a year ago and I was so wasted I didn't remember but was told about it by all of my friends. The other I was tipsy but still had a clear head but he was sexy as hell. I definitely didn't regret the incident where I had a clear head. The birthday incident I definitely regretted. I do think a sexy guy can bring it out in you.

  2. Do dark movie theatres count? LOL. Because I have gone a few bases in the theatre. Ha! Of course a sexy man can bring out the freak in any woman, but I think the real freaky-deaky should be behind closed doors. Remember.... a lady on the street and a freak behind closed doors! :o)