Saturday, October 17, 2009

No, You Can't Come to My House

I can't stand a man who invites himself over to my house when we've just met.

There, I said it.

I'm not talking about the guy who's established himself in my life, the one who has the potential to be my man, the one who's earned the right to lay around with me on my couch to watch movies or TV. No, I'm talking about the guy I literally just met who thinks it's OK to not only invite himself over, but cop an attitude if I balk at the suggestion.

There was one guy, we'll call him Bold Boy, who I met while out running errands one afternoon. A few days after we met, he called me. I silently hoped he'd ask me out on a date.

Instead, Bold Boy said, "So, um, you got any movies at your house?"

Me: "Why?"

Bold Boy: "Because I was going to come over so we could watch movies. I don't have my TV set up at my house."

Me: "We just met, so you can't come to my house. Sorry."

You would think that Bold Boy would've taken the hint, but sadly, he did not. Eventually, I asked him to stop calling me when he told me that he was on vacation from work and did not feel like being bothered with taking a woman (read: me) out at all. Period. End of story. It wasn't that finances were an issue, he said, it was just that he simply wanted to "chill." So I asked him to go chill and lose my number.

Bold Boy, like many of the men I've come across, expected me to feel guilty for wanting to be taken on a date outside of my (or his) house. But fortunately for me, my parents taught me better than that.

Let me be clear: A simple date is fine -- a picnic in the park, a bite to eat at a reasonably priced sports bar or restaurant. I am really not hard to please.

I just have one real requirement: We do need to leave the house.

Is that too much to ask?


  1. Tell it girl!! The sad part is that many, many women let guys get away with this sort of thing all the time. Let's face it: men wouldn't try it if it didn't work sometimes! It's hard to have standards and requirements in an environment where few other women have them... The reality is many lonely nights, unless you count the standards and requirements as company. :) I'm holding strong.

  2. Agreed -- They wouldn't try it if someone out there weren't letting them get away with it! I'm holding strong, too, girl - This stuff is for the birds. Thanks for reading!

  3. OMG, I had to let this fine, funny, and smart guy go b/c he "jokingly" asked if he could come over. He was used to chicks taking his bait, but I had to make an example out of his behind. He got deleted from FB the next chance I got. Upon discovery, he sent me several "I'm sorry if I offended you texts." Whatevs, you live and learn sucka.

  4. @tcoolman - That's funny! I don't blame you.