Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Annual Cellphone Cleanout: New Year, Fresh Start?

By: Guest Blogger NINA LOVEHALL

We're barely two weeks into 2010, and it seems everyone is cleaning house and getting rid of dead weight. Folks are reevaluating what's important and trying to figure out how to make their lives better than it was last year. I think that's a great idea.

It's a clean slate. Even in the dating world, it appears that folks are "cleaning" out their cellphones, figuring out which folks to leave behind in '09 and which folks might have potential to go the distance in the new year.

Apparently a dude I met literally a year ago was doing the annual cellphone cleanout this past weekend. And apparently, I managed to escape the ditch pile and ended up in the unfortunate group of let's try again. We'll call this guy High Ass Hairline (HAH) because frankly, that's what I put in my phone when we exchanged numbers at a gas station during a time when I had low self esteem and already one terrible date under my belt after a difficult breakup. (The bad date involved my date getting into a fistfight in the parking lot and me driving away, past the brawl in disgust.)

Anyway, it was 10 a.m. on a Sunday morning when HAH called. I was sleeping in after traveling the night before. I answered and heard a male voice on the other end asking if I know who it is. I say no, he tells me his name and that we met a year ago at the gas station. So he's trying to ask me how I'm doing and make small 10 a.m. on a Sunday morning. And I stop him in his tracks. I basically say that after a year, he doesn't really need to call me, and that I'm not interested in having any kind of conversation with him ... and that I have a man.

Dude goes into a tirade, which includes, "I know I didn't need to call you but I did. And all you had to say was you had a man. I'm a grown ass man. I don't know how old you are, but I can take it."

Because I love y'all, and needed blog material, I decided to dig deeper and ask him why after all this time, if we haven't spoken, would he call me now?

He said that he had been overseas, and that he also figured that if he wasn't the right man for me back then, who knows? He could have all of the qualities I need now. He called me "negative" and asked me if I ever read the book, The Secret, said that if I hadn't, I should read it. During his tirade, he told me that I should be flattered he contacted me after all this time and that I was still on his mind like that. I told him I wasn't mad and humored him, saying that I appreciated the fact that I had stayed on his mind for so long even after ignoring him. I said happy new year and bid him adieu. I honestly believe HAH thought I forgot about him, and that he could reinvent himself. Especially if he thought after time passed that he could be what I "needed" LMAO!

BACKGROUND: High Ass Hairline drove a sports car, was a peewee football coach, had a good government gig and had no kids. He bragged about himself and his home often. So much so that he always wanted me to come over. I didn't want a first date at someone's house and told him I was uncomfortable. He gave the excuse of me being immature, assuming he wanted sex from me. When he asked me to come over a second time, he was on his way home from work. I told him since he was already out, why don't we meet for a drink? To which he replied, "I had a rough day, I'd rather chill at home with you." To which I replied, "If your day was that rough, you are ill prepared for company. Hit me up when you are ready to go on a public date."  After that shutdown, I just kept ignoring his calls until he faded out a month or so later.

TALK BACK: Have you cleansed your phone of undesirable suitors in honor of the new year? Are you trying to go after missed opportunities in the new year? And are folks calling you now that the new year has rolled in?

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